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France is a country known worldwide for its tourism, its economy and its sports teams, but above all it is a key player in industry, fashion, gastronomy, research and social advancements.

It goes without saying that the French language is now unavoidable for those who want an international future. This language, spoken by 300 million people around the world, is the third language of business. The International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF) even estimates that French could be the most widely spoken language in the world by 2050, thanks to the growing population of Africa, where 59% of the daily speakers of French are located. So there are many reasons to learn French:

1. French and English are the only languages spoken on the 5 continents

French is one of the main languages of international communication. 88 States and governments are members of the French-speaking world and more than 750,000 people visit the numerous French cultural institutions each year. In addition, 430 French schools in 130 countries welcome more than 235,000 students, 56% of whom are foreign students, which constitutes the originality of this network of French schools abroad.

2. A language for thinking and debating

French is an analytical language that helps structure thinking and confront ideas. It is, in essence, conducive to the emergence of critical thinking. It is the language of the great philosophers (Descartes, Sartre or Derrida) and renowned scientists (Pierre and Marie Curie, Pasteur, Georges Charpak, etc.). By learning French, children also learn to argue and present different points of view, which is very useful in discussions or negotiations. French teachers are known for their dynamism, their inventiveness and their high standards. As the French have a reputation for excellence, the students are often motivated and of a good level.

3. A language for learning other languages.

Learning French helps to learn other languages, especially Latin languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Romanian) but also English since they are two very close languages.

4. The language of international relations

In many international organizations such as the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, the European Union, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross, French is both the working language and one of the official languages. Its mastery is therefore a major asset for anyone considering a career in international organizations or legal bodies.

5. An asset for a professional career

France, the fifth largest trade power, attracts entrepreneurs, researchers and the best foreign students. Mastery of this language gives access to reputable universities (La Sorbonne, Pierre and Marie Curie University, etc.) or to grandes écoles (HEC, Polytechnique, ESSEC).