A project built over many years at the international French School (LAGOS) supports the students in making their choices for higher education, whether in France or Overseas, thereby helping them to be independent and take charge of their future.

The educational guidance website:
On the educational guidance website of the international French School (LAGOS), you will find some detailed information about:

  • News and calendar of events
  • Internship for our 3èmes (9th grade) students (découverte professionnelle)
  • Parcoursup Plateform to apply to French Higher education:
  • Competitive examinations hosted at the LFLP Campus
  • School exchange programme ADN/AEFE for only 2nde (10th grade) students
  • AGORA: the AEFE platform dedicated to guidance with contributions from present and former students at French schools worldwide (forum and stories):


The educational guidance team with the reference teacher (the PRIO, the person in charge of guidance and counselling of students) and the pedagogical team assist in:

  • Providing information on jobs and training paths: school orientation is part of the subjects and is highlighted throughout the year through the orientation class for most of the students and some events which culminates to “parcours Avenir” (personal Project for the future).
  • Helping the students and their family to decide for their educational guidance is also to advise them to take into considerations the student’s abilities and potentials in order to succeed in their area of interest.

Whether a student decides to apply to French or English-speaking universities, the needed assistance is provided by their teachers. Besides, in order to foster the success of these students, the international French School (LAGOS) offers specific preparation classes to several exams: Sciences Po, Sésame, Geipi, etc…


  • High School Students attend University fair organized virtually in France
  • Several universities and school also regularly request to speak with our students. Some of these meetings are done virtually and some in- person. We are in contact with school like EDEC, IPAG, ISSEG, ECAM of Cergy, SCIENCES PO Paris and University of Cergy Pontoise.

In the event of a return to France before the Baccalaureate, the AFFELNET procedure governs the placement of students especially in public high schools. This applies mainly to 3èmes (grade 9) and 2nde (grade10) students.