Extra-curricular activities at Lycée Louis Pasteur in Lagos

Sports, artistic and cultural education is a priority of the French education system because it contributes to cultural exchange and equal opportunities. The Lycée Louis Pasteur also wishes to offer children the means to discover and express themselves through sports, artistic, cultural activities but also computer, technical, personal development, foreign language awareness activities, etc.

These numerous fun activities are offered after class time to allow children develop disciplinary and transversal skills. They are led by qualified instructors or leaders recognized for their teaching skills and may, for some of them, lead to tournaments, inter-school meetings or competitions. That way, children are valued and motivated to give the best of themselves.

Here is the list of activities offered at Lycée Louis Pasteur:

1. Visual Art
2. Ballet dance
3. Basketball
4. Cheerleading
5. Environment Club
6. Computer Coding
7. Dance
8. Chess
9. Fencing
10. Football
11. Gymnastics
13. Introduction to choral singing
14. Introduction to Chinese
15. Board games
16. Karate
17. Swimming
18. Swimming (beginners)
19. Piano
20. STEAM Club
21. Taekwondo
22. Table Tennis
23. Theatre
24. Volleyball
25. Yoga
26. Zumba