Why you should choose the AEFE network and the Lycée Français Louis Pasteur (LFLP)?

French schools around the world grow the values ​​of excellence, sharing and influence. They make it possible to follow a quality education with an international dimension, driven by the requirement of French-style education and open to the host country, Nigeria in the case of LFLP.

The LFLP offers quality education in line with the requirements of French National Education and is driven by humanist values: tolerance, freedom of thinking, equal opportunities, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, equality between girls and boys …

It welcomes students of all nationalities: French expatriates, nationals of host countries and third-party foreign countries. It makes this cultural diversity fruitful through innovative pedagogy and a spirit of openness, with particular emphasis on language learning.

It is part of an international, dynamic and attractive network which develops particularly enriching joint educational projects.
This membership in a vast global network enable children to follow a seamless education, from kindergarten to baccalaureate, from one school to another and from one country to another.

Studying at the LFLP and obtaining the baccalaureate opens up particularly interesting prospects for higher education, in French or international universities

The values ​​of excellence, sharing and influence:


The success of all students is an ambition affirmed in all the schools of the network which can boast an excellent success rate in the baccalaureate (98.9% on average, 100% in many schools which is the case at the LFLP) , higher than that of lycées in France. Most of the network’s baccalaureate holders then go on to the “grandes écoles” and the best international universities.


As a place of language and cultural exchanges and meetings, as a driver of a shared experience based on strong values, the LFLP educates young people from all walks of life. A pilot language teaching makes it possible to both integrate national pupils through specific teaching of French, to teach the language of the host country, English, to all pupils and also to promote the use of other international languages in a multicultural context.


By welcoming children from host countries and third-party foreigners among its students, the network contributes to the influence of the French language and culture. By cultivating intercultural communication and understanding, it forges lasting affinities between these students and France.

French Education Abroad

The strength of the AEFE network

Their stories

Gonzalo, alumnus, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Frankly speaking, belonging to a AEFE institution is fantastic. For me, it’s like a family. The alumni network, it’s for life and it makes things easier. For instance, in my career, I got a lot of advice and I’m really happy.

Karine, teacher, Toronto, Canada
What I like particularly with the AEFE institutions is that they combine the French educational system with the local culture and that’s great!
I had the opportunity to work in Guatemala, in Cambodia, just to mention these those countries and, in fact, each time, the French system is adapted to the country’s culture. It is highly enriching for students and me to, I love it.

Alexander, parent, Munich, Germany
With my wife, thanks to her job, we travelled around the world quite a lot and the fact that the children passed through the AEFE, it has facilitated matters. It keeps a type of continuity from one school to the other and frankly, this changed our lives as expatriates.

Chavy, alumnus, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
In the AEFE, aside the quality of education that I receive, what touches me most is the teaching of languages. This gives me an incredible background. I can develop, I feel more confident and today I have the impression that I can adapt to any situation.

Elena, school principal, Dakar, Senegal
What can I say?
The AEFE is my entire life. I’m presently posted to Dakar. I had the opportunity to work in many other countries. For me, the AEFE represents all the values that we have in our beautiful country, that is France: universalism, critical mind, the Enlightenments…
All these things to which I’m highly attached and that I love to pass on, on my turn, to the students.

Somalia, alumnus, Curepip, Mauritius
The approved schools, they have a great reputation. You realize it when you go to France, when you apply to foreign universities. For me, this makes a great difference.