LFLP renovation and extension project


We believe that the school environment should not be a passive receiver of educational activities, but an integral part of the learning experience of students, educators and members of the school community.
We do this by providing a comfortable, secure, accessible, well-lit, well-ventilated and aesthetically pleasing study space that promotes an excellent school experience. In addition, our modern computer equipment makes online learning much more conducive and efficient.
Our facilities include:

– 41 classrooms with a capacity of 12 to 20 students each
-A nearly 300 m² library, home to about 10000 books and complete with 29 seated places, computers and comfortable reading areas
-a large multipurpose hall well-equipped with stage lights, professional sound system, video projector, organ playing, etc.
-2 outdoor playgrounds
-A state-of-the-art technology laboratory
-3 Science laboratories (physics-chemistry, biology, computer assisted) complete with modern equipment
-2 computer rooms that can take an average of 25 students each
-A multiple-bed-school clinic equipped for emergency and isolation with a stand-by nurse
-A gymnasium
-A swimming pool
-1 activity room
-140 computers
-84 IPAD
-20 interactive Board

In addition, the following are under construction and expected to be ready by 2023:

  • A preschool activity room
  • 1 dedicated art classroom
  • A Dormitory for kindergarten students
  • A 2260 sports field and race track
  • Almost 600 m² sports centre with a workout room and amenities for various activities such as table tennis
  • A 50m2 climbing wall
  • More than 300 m2 food court with a dedicated snacking place

Maternelle (kindergarten)

Élémentaire (elementary)

Collège (middle school)

Lycée (high school)