The ADN/AEFE exchange system: two students, two high schools, two countries, one experience ...

ADN refers to the figure of explorer Alexandra David-Neel

ADN is an exchange scheme that only allows students in Seconde (11th grade) to do part of their education during the school year in another AEFE school or in schools in France participating in the program.

This exchange allows participants to immerse themselves for several weeks in a new family, school, cultural and linguistic environment, which enriches the educational path of the student volunteers.

Two exchange formulas are possible:

Solo: students exchange places in their respective high schools and their host families. Duration of exchange: 3 to 4 weeks.

As a duo: the pupils are together at the same time in the school and the host families. Duration of exchange: 6 to 8 weeks.

To participate in this exchange program, each interested student and their family must complete a student and parent file and following the selection committee meeting, students are chosen.

Last year, we had 3 students matched, but unfortunately, the corona virus pandemic did not allow them to be able to enjoy this beautiful and unique experience.