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Why choose the french school Lagos

Providing collective responses to individual aspirations is what we do at the French high school

In a Nutshell

A genuine French school from start to finish

Achieving Superb Results


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Our students can, with their Baccalauréat (Advanced Level), recognized worldwide, be admitted into all the prestigious universities, anywhere in the world. The LFLP University Guidance Team provides them information, support, and guidance in choosing their future academic or career choices.

school learning programme

The education system of the French Louis Pasteur school puts the child at the heart of pedagogy. We thus train future enlightened and critical citizens of the world, capable of building their own system of thought. French is the predominant teaching language but without overshadowing the learning of many other languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Arabic, German and many others on demand.


The French school system advocates the school of trust. For instance, the French Minister for National Education states that “it is a question of allowing all students to better master the basic knowledge (reading, writing, counting and respecting others) and to be better accompanied towards their future”. He explains that “school is the matrix of collective destiny as well as the success of each. The goal is to bring everyone to the highest of their talent and merit. This goes through the enrichment of the teachings in the College, the development of artistic, cultural and sensory education and the reform of high schools”. This vision applied to the French Lycée Louis Pasteur, comes in different ways.


Our school is home to over 500 international students, learning in facilities intended to improve their health and engagement, we nurture each student’s academic performance, curiosity and creativity.

We nurture student’s academic performance, curiosity and creativity.
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Provide opportunities to develop well-balanced lifestyles, acquire new skills and discover new passions.
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Our Community


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