100% Bac success, 50% distinctions


Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, London School of Economics, Université Paris Sorbonne, SciencesPo, McGill…


Opportunities for diverse experiences volunteering, internships, international adventures, cultural exchanges, community outreach and much much more…

The Lycée d’enseignement général consists of three classes: the Seconde générale class, the Première class and the Terminale class. The baccalaureate is assessed in the last two classes through both continuous assessment and Exams in specific subjects.

The general track leads to the pursuit of higher education, mainly in universities, preparatory classes for the grandes écoles(IVY Leagues or specialized schools.

The lycée offers three types of teaching:

  • A broad base of common humanities and scientific culture, open to the challenges of the future: French, English, Spanish or German, scientific education, history-geography, philosophy, physical and sports education, moral and civic education
  • Three core subjects in the first year and two in the last year of the program, to be chosen from among the following: mathematics, history-geography-geopolitics-political sciences, physics and Chemistry, earth and life sciences (Biology), humanities-literature and philosophy, economic and social sciences, Literature and culture in foreign languages (English, Spanish and German)
  • Guidance throughout high school to prepare for entry into higher education and eventually career choices. Students are accompanied according to the timetable provided within the framework of the autonomy of the schools (small groups, differentiated teaching, Mooc, etc.).


The AEFE is fully committed to promoting the French educational model in order to develop the French education network abroad. Strengthening the linguistic offer and multilingual programs based on innovative teaching methods, this helps to increase the attractiveness of schools in an increasingly competitive international environment.

Language of instruction/ learning: French

Our students are fluent in French and take exams under the same conditions as students in France.

All courses, except for other languages, are taught in French

Modern languages: English, Spanish, German

Optional modern languages for students: Spanish, German, Arabic

This rich and diversified teaching of languages at LFLP strongly nourishes the values of our educational system and contributes greatly to the training of tomorrow’s world citizens.

Helping students make important decisions about their future studies 

A project built up over many years at the French International School (LAGOS) helps students in their choice of higher education, whether in France or abroad, thus helping them to be autonomous and to take charge of their future. 

Each year, several graduates go on to study in the United Kingdom or the United States. The French school supports the students in all their projects. 

The pedagogical guidance team with the reference teacher and the pedagogical team help to 

  • Inform about careers and educational pathways: academic guidance is part of the curriculum and is highlighted throughout the year through the orientation class for most students and events leading up to the “parcours Avenir” 
  • Helping students and their families decide on their academic pathways also means advising them to consider the abilities and potentials of students to succeed in their field of interest. 
  • Whether a student decides to apply to a French or English university, the necessary a ssistance is provided by their professors.  
  • High school students attend a virtual university fair in France 
  • Several universities and schools also regularly request to speak with our students. Some of these meetings are held virtually and others in person. We are in contact with schools such as EDEC, IPAG, ISSEG, ECAM de Cergy, SCIENCES PO Paris and the University of Cergy Pontoise.