Set up at the start of the 2011-2012 school year, the “professional discovery” module aims to offer SECONDE (10th grade) students an approach to the professional world by discovering professions, professional circles and the economic and social environment.

It is therefore indeed an approach that contributes to broadening and supplementing the general culture of secondary school students, thus participating in guidance and citizenship education. Undoubted success in terms of its application. It is offered in our Lycée to all Troisieme (9th grade) students.

In February every year, before the Winter holidays, our students do a one-week internship in Companies located in Lagos and its environs. During this internship, they are visited by their teachers following a schedule well established by the teacher in charge of this course. At the end of this internship, each student must write an internship report that he will subsequently defend orally.

As far as we are concerned, this is an EPI (Interdisciplinary Practical Education), DISCOVERY OF THE CORPORATE WORLD involving History-Geography and Technology. We are organizing this module as part of the Citizen and Future Course (Parcours citoyen et Avenir).

Why this teaching?

It is important because we must prepare our college students, the Citizens of tomorrow. Indeed :

  • You build your life with your character, your education, your knowledge, with luck, …
  • But sometimes at some point in our life, one can miss a landmark.
    Out of ignorance, lack of boldness, influence, one can follow one path rather than another, and perhaps miss a vocation or a direction …
  • In order to partially fill these gaps, the Professional Discovery module, at the rate of 1 hour every two weeks, has been set up.

What are the objectives ?

The specific skills and knowledge targeted by this teaching are structured around three axes of discovery:
A. Discovering jobs and professional activities
B. Discovering organizations
C. Discovering places and methods of training.