Complete success for the Inter-school chess tournament at the LFLP

44 students took part in the chess tournament held on May 18th at our school. This event, which was open to other schools, gave students the opportunity to compete against their peers and share their passion for this strategic game.

Congratulations to Lucie, Adebowale and LiMo, who came out on top in the secondary category! In the primary category, Imran, Timi and Jared also shone, taking the top three places for the LFLP. But the tournament was won by Mokhshith, a young champion from Indian school. These victories were the fruit of a lot of hard work and concentration, but beyond the results, this tournament was above all an opportunity for the students to come together around a shared passion and to enjoy some convivial moments.

We warmly congratulate all the students who took part in this tournament, whether they won or lost. Their performances were a testament to their talent, and their enthusiasm helped to make this event a highlight of the school year.