JNSS, a day to promote sport

On Wednesday September 20, 2023, the LFLP took part in the Journée Nationale du Sport Scolaire (JNSS). This day, organized by the French Ministry of Education and Youth, aims to promote sporting activities among students of all ages. The JNSS was an opportunity to offer students a variety of sporting activities: volleyball, soccer, table tennis, athletics, and basketball.

Students from CM2 to Terminale were able to try out disciplines they didn’t usually practice, or train in those they already knew. The teachers witnessed how enthusiastic the students were about sporting activities.

The practice of sport contributes to the physical, mental and social development of students by building up their stamina. It also helps to improve concentration and develop interpersonal skills. The LFLP is committed to promoting sport among its students, and offers a variety of sporting activities, both in and out of curriculum.