Baccalaureate at LFLP: 100% success rate and several distinctions

The graduation ceremony is an emotional and proud moment in the lives of high school students. It’s an opportunity to celebrate their academic achievements and look forward to a promising future. This year has been a great success for the final-year students, as they have all been admitted to the Baccalauréat. There were even 12 distinctions in all, including 3 highest honours, 3 high honours and 6 honours.

Also remarkable are all the prestigious higher education admission offers that have already been accepted by this year’s Baccalauréat graduates. These include some of the best preparatory classes in Paris, some of the best business schools in Europe, sought-after double degrees and, above all, courses that match their personal choice and expectations.

The French education system is a real catalyst for student success. With a solid structure, a diversified knowledge base and an emphasis on critical thinking, high school students acquire a versatility that opens them up to a wide range of opportunities. Students also benefit from personalized support from teachers and educational advisors, who guide them in choosing the pathways that match their aspirations and talents. Congratulations to the LFLP Class of 2023.