It is about the school and its environment that put themselves at the service of the child with special educational needs. This is the place where each child is supported (disabled or not), both physically and educationally.It is a structure that does not exclude anyone and that puts in place the appropriate system for everyone according to their needs.

It is a school that helps students with disabilities to attend school in a regulated way, not in a wild way, but in consultation with all partners, to ensure a thoughtful and successful schooling. It is a place of exchange that allows the differences of each to be taken into account thanks to the intervention of trained teachers, adapted lessons and informed pupils. It is a school that facilitates meeting everyone’s needs while respecting differences through shared exchanges and times. It is a school that adapts to students with special educational needs based on an individualized project established in partnership with the family and if necessary with the therapists who work with it… It allows each student to have a course “à la carte”.

A school that seeks to accommodate all students with their special needs whether it is a physical, intellectual problem or other. A school that adapts, that implements all means to carry out the project of each child and the acquisition of the common base.  A school that allows each child to be part of a whole and to exist on their own. A school that takes into account the learning difficulties of everyone, who adapts their teaching to everyone, a school that is open to difference.

This is what the Lycée Louis Pasteur offers.

  • To be an inclusive school, we have put in place child care protocols such as numerous educational teams bringing together parents, teachers, management, therapists and the school nurse.
  • We work with a complete team of therapists who diagnose, support families in their efforts and help teachers on a daily basis: speech therapists (French and English), psychomotor therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, and psychotherapists.
  • We organize numerous training courses for staff (teachers, ATSEM i.e. specialized territorial agents of nursery schools, supervisory and monitoring staff) around topics such as: differentiation, “dys” problems, child development, the various problems encountered
    within classes.