CM2’s little fabulists reinvent La Fontaine

The fusion between the fertile imaginations of the CM2 pupils and the theatrical experience of the NbariNbajo troupe gave birth to a truly unique show last Friday at Freedom Park, an iconic venue for creativity. Incorporating contemporary elements and original artistic expression, this collaboration with Bariga’s NbariNbajo troupe brilliantly staged and adapted La Fontaine’s timeless fables.

During six intense weeks of cultural discovery and creative workshops with talented artists (painter, photographer and ceramist), the CM2 pupils immersed themselves in the world of fables, working hard to perfect their interpretation and adapt the fables into different Nigerian languages.

In a whirlwind of color, song and dance, they brought the fable characters to life, captivating the audience with their happiness and boundless energy. Parents were out in their numbers to support and applaud these young artists, who proved that art is a powerful means of expression and connection.