Back to school meeting

On Saturday 10 September, one week after the start of the school year, the LFLP administration team met with parents during a breakfast meeting. The aim was to welcome them, but also to give them the opportunity to know and discuss with the teachers who will be teaching their children during this year.

The meeting started with a word from the Principal who first introduced the management team of the school, namely the Headmaster, Mr Sylvain Malrieu, his deputy Mrs Funke Bowoto, the Administrative and Financial Director Mr Bernard Bassien, his deputy Mrs Massetou Kra, and the Director of Primary School Mrs Nadine Grandperrin. He briefed the audience on the different bodies that work together to ensure the smooth running of the school’s activities (AFN, school council, school council, PVG).

Mrs. Tatiana Moussalli-Nouri, Vice-President of AFN (Association Française du Nigeria) explained the functions of the association and invited parents to volunteer. Mrs Yetunde Adepoju, representing the PVG also outlined the activities carried out last year and invited parents to join the group. The Principal then gave a detailed update on the school construction status, before addressing parents’ questions and concerns.