Ambassadeurs en herbe 2024 : les élèves s’expriment sur les jeux olympiques

Organized by the AEFE, this public speaking tournament allows students from French high schools around the world to compete on current topics. This year’s theme was “1924-2024, the Olympic and Paralympic Games: a unifying, inclusive and sustainable event?”.

Three students stood out: Sasha Atlas for cycle 3, Mona Melchior for cycle 4, and Aliyah Amouroux for high school. Each one captivated the jury’s attention with the relevance of their arguments, the strength of their conviction, and the quality of their oral presentation. Sasha Atlas, who shone in the national final, was eventually narrowly defeated by the contestant of the French high school in Abuja. Mona and Aliyah will therefore represent Nigeria in the soon-to-be-held Dakar zone final.

Overall, the “Ambassadeurs en herbe” competition was a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their public speaking skills, deepen their knowledge of a current topic and experience a unique human adventure.