Ambassadeurs, Ambassadrices en herbe: The tournament has a winner at LFLP

Congratulations to our participants for their captivating speeches on the theme “A digital world: hell or heaven?”.

Through stimulating oratory tournaments, this project highlights multilingual skills, oral expression and argumentation, in a multi-disciplinary approach, from elementary school to high school. The project runs throughout the school year, at different levels: “School”, “Zone” and “World”.

We’re proud of all our high school representatives, who delivered engaging speeches on digital issues. They amazed us with their ability to defend their ideas with passion and persuasion. Congratulations to Abderahman Gani, a student in 3e, who won the inter-zonal final of Ambassadeurs en herbe 2023 in Dakar among the 12 participating Cycle 4 schools!