A festive and cultural day to mark Nigeria’s independence

LFLP celebrated the 63rd anniversary of Nigeria’s independence on September 29. For the occasion, the school organized a series of activities to promote Nigeria’s culture and diversity.

Parents were treated to an exhibition by the OM Gallery, featuring paintings and sculptures by contemporary Nigerian artists. This CDI and art teacher’s project also enabled primary and secondary school students to take part in workshops and question-and-answer sessions with painter Sodiq Abiola, whose paintings were part of the exhibition.

The CDI also presented masks made by secondary school pupils after workshops on their importance in Nigerian culture. The CM2s worked on the different forms of racial scarification in Nigeria, their importance and the risks of body modification. As for the other primaries, they told the story of Nigeria, its different states and ethnic groups, in pictures. The 6e, 4e and 3e, who had also worked on a similar project with their English and music teachers, presented their project in song and dance to their fellow students.

There was plenty of dancing too, thanks to performances by the NbariNbajo troupe, who performed traditional Nigerian dances and acrobatics, before being joined by students and parents. A tasting of Nigerian snacks provided an opportunity to appreciate the country’s culinary diversity. Families were impressed by the diversity of the works presented and the beauty of the dances performed, and welcomed the opportunity to discover Nigerian culture.