languages taught

15 classes


French and English

15 - 20


Best results at the Central African Zonal Assessments

Excellent results at the French national evaluations CP (pry2), CE1 (pry3) and CM2 (pry6)

Primary school: 3 grades of 3 years – A common base of knowledge!


(AGES 6 TO 10)

Mastery of the French language and the first elements of mathematics are the priority objectives of elementary school to enable students to access the fundamental tools of knowledge. From the early primary classes, students discover reading and handwriting – The school takes into account the plurality and diversity of each student’s abilities. In addition to reasoning and intellectual reflection, the sense of observation, the liking for experimentation, sensitivity, motor skills and creative imagination are developed.

Evaluations make it possible to assess each student’s progress against the objectives set out in the programmes. Based on this observation, teachers provide assistance to students who need it.

Support system
Support systems supplement compulsory education in elementary school. Schoolchildren can benefit from supplementary educational activities (APC), hours of reinforcement in a foreign language (French or English). These procedures promote academic success for all.

At the Lycée Français in Lagos, the fifteen elementary classes (CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2) are approved.
The elementary school welcomes children between the age of 6 and 11. The child starts primary school in September of the year of his sixth birthday.
Grade 2 Fundamental Learning
CP                grade one                 6 years
CE1              grade two                 7 years
CE2              grade three            8 years
Cycle 3 Reinforcement of knowledge
CM1                grade four                  9 years
CM2               grade five                   10 years
Sixième      grade six (jss1)         11 years

The grade one classes operate under a “traditional” system: 1 teacher/1 class. The grade one class being the class for learning reading and handwriting, the children are placed in a secure, customised system and the small numbers allow them to enter into their basic learning –

A bilingual system adapted to our school population:

From CP to CM2, the children are taught in French. 5 hours of English are included in each student’s timetable, as co-teaching. This co-teaching enables a link between learning and skills so that the child enjoys a dynamic and interdisciplinary study of the language.


Total students

Over 300

Elementary students


Specialized teacher


Main areas of learning









The teaching approach is preferable in LFLP because we work with differentiated instruction always with kindness and understanding. No lesson learned by heart but work based on reflection. The excellence of this school is bilingualism. Children work in French and English. They can obtain validation of their knowledge in English or in French, which allows English speakers to study in France, if they wish.

Marie-Christine, French-History teacher