Making Christmas A celebration for all

To share in the joy of Christmas and help those most in need, the LFLP organizes an annual food drive, the proceeds of which are donated to charitable organizations. This year, the school community once again rallied round with enthusiasm, bringing in bags, boxes, cans and cartons of foodstuffs. The generosity of students, parents and staff was incredibly touching: in the end, over 90 mothers, children and orphans benefited from this outpouring of solidarity. During a small ceremony attended by the principal and PVG representatives, the foodstuffs were handed over to two local NGOs dedicated to supporting people in need. These are NbariNbajo and Life foundation, whose promoters were also present and expressed their gratitude for the donation. The school is proud that to be involved in its community well-being, and warmly thanks all those who took part in this noble cause.