Celebrating the world of Don Quixote at lflp  

On April 19th, parents and students of the LFLP gathered to celebrate the Spanish Language Day in a friendly atmosphere. The goal was to have students from 6e to Tle work on a variety of topics related to the Spanish language and literature. The goal was to share some of the cultural aspects of this world through various activities such as songs in Spanish inspired by a word guessing game, reading of short texts, theatrical performances, presentations on Don Quixote, and poems in Spanish.

Students also created exhibitions on:

– the modern hero and bullying.

– Alebrijes (Mexican fantasy creatures) and pre-Columbian creatures.

– Mexican Day of the Dead and altars.

– distorted portraits and self-portraits inspired by different Hispanic artists

– the ideal Spanish house (in collaboration with the art teacher).

The parents who came were also able to read the comic books created by the students and adapted from short stories. The celebration ended with the onsite cooking and tasting of paella, the Spanish national dish.