LFLP has a very strict 24/7 security system/procedures which consists of both the Nigerian and French systems. Fully armed men of the Mobile Police Force (MOPOLS) from the Nigerian Police Force are on ground 24/7 and members of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) assists during our rush hours. In addition, regular visits of the mopol squad commander are ensured.
Access into the school requires a badge which is issued to parents or their domestic staff based on request after registration of the children. There are two types of badges:
-the nursery card: this card is only for parents whose kids are in the nursery, it must be presented during drop-offs and pick-ups
-the family badge: This card is compulsory for both parents and their domestic staff, to be granted access into the school.
Visitors are admitted only on appointments and must show a valid photo ID before being granted access into the school
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  • The LFLP takes all the necessary measures to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone especially for the pupils. Some of our safety equipment and systems include:
    -a functioning fire alarm system which includes basic firefighting equipment, smoke detectors and a direct link to the Federal Fire Service in case of any eventualities
    -risk assessment on a daily basis, implementation of preventive or corrective measures
    -fire management, containment and barricaded containment management with two or three unannounced drills per year
    -the special safety plan and major risk (PPMS), one containment or barricaded containment drill per year, in case of any form of emergency the parents will be notified via SMS on procedures to follow.